It’s a wrap we have flew all over to the fashion capital to introduce our fall/winter 2020 collection named “ÉCLAIR” the contrast of dark and light not a coincidence for the city of light.

Paris the city where the first fashion week was created, remaining as an irreplaceable symbol of fashion and aesthetics. This magical city full of the biggest luxury labels and with the most prolific designers, let us breathe the fashion atmosphere feeling delighted. During this exceptional week of fashion, Paris becomes incredibly dynamic and the streets fill up with excitement, fashion, and amazing people.

Paris, February 24th, 2020 one of the most exhilarating experiences we have had in SETA. The day when our dreams, visions, fears, and passion where bring to reality. Was a unique experience since the beginning everything was so exciting. Being in this city, castings, fittings with the models, and finally the big day. The runway! You experience yourself emotions all at once you had no idea you could feel. Stress, excitement, nervousness, anxiety, power, etc. A day full of adrenaline our hearts were beating it was our moment to shine and once we see our collection in the runway we could finally feel that peace and we were truly living the dream.

We believe in a globalized world full of diversity and trough this collection we wanted to tell the world what we are made of. Paris fashion week is a huge step not only for commercial connections, being here means a lot for us we are chasing our dreams we are following the path we’ve always imagined.

Our ÉCLAIR collection, we wanted to create a sense of drama, emphasizing sharp angles, and playing with varying tones. It’s about reinventing classic silhouettes and a mix-and-match of contrasts. ECLAIR means light, the light reflecting from each piece that will make you feel unique from different points of view.  Like everything in life, at times it may be intense, soft, or even blind you. But for sure always making you bright.

The materials of this collection were the perfect chemistry between different things featuring a clash of opposites. We work with pearls that were and inspiration for making each piece unique and valuable. Silk was outstanding for the intense and hard creation process of this collection. We have a variety of materials such as tulle, beads, studs, all of them coming together with a single purpose and meaning the creation of ÉCLAIR, LIGHT.

You are LIGHT, embrace it with our ÉCLAIR Collection.