For the first time ever, Setta Apparel took New York for New York Fashion Week to introduce our Spring/Summer 2020 collection called ‘Sassy’. We are very excited about what’s to come for Seta Apparel because it has been a work in progress but this is just the beginning. We’ll be popping up in New York so you’ll be able to snag our ready to wear pieces. We made lots of connections with like-minded individuals in the fashion industry and exchanged some great ideas. We are feeling so refreshed with all the new trends coming in the future.

The rush of the city made us fall in love with this experience, it was so exciting to witness New York fashion week, from the planning, casting, and fittings with the models, it was all so worth it! On the day of the runway there was so much chemistry with everyone, it was so pleasing to see how it all flowed and worked together. We couldn’t have done it without the models, production team and amazing audience. Everyone was enchanted by the Setta gold. We can’t wait for next year and for all the upcoming shows that are in our future. We are so thankful and our goal is to make it to all of the fashion capitals of the world, so stay tuned for that!

Meet Andrea and Eliana Salazar the sisters behind Seta Apparel

New York, September 4, 2019- Eliana and Andrea Salazar, the founders of Seta Apparel bring their irresistible energy and edgy designs for the first time to New York Fashion Week. The Medellin-born clothing line will debut on NYFW’s catwalk Friday, September 6 at Pier59 Studios. With looks that range from boho to romantic to rock and roll, incorporating both classic and modern styles, Seta draws from infinite sources of inspiration, such as nature, art, music and street fashion. Their clients include Maluma, Thalia, Karol G, Olivia Palermo, Camila Coehlo, Bella Falconi, J Balvin.

Eliana and Andrea Salazar, the two millennials, who have been making waves in the world of fashion for over five years now, founded Seta Apparel in 2014 as an online store. They received immediate attention for their unique pieces and opened up their first store in Medellin in 2015.  When Andrea moved to Miami, they opened their official store in City Place Doral in 2017. The following year, Seta opened their second U.S. location in Brickell City Centre and this year, the four store was born in Bogota, Colombia.

Cutting-edge print and textile combinations, the use of neutral and metallic colors, and a heavy dose of glam rock are obvious attributes found in Seta collections. Their inspiration comes from traveling the world in search of handmade and vintage pieces. Seta encourages women to dress differently and feel confident in edgy, modern and minimalist pieces. The brand is characterized by and celebrated for its daring and original take on style—mixing fabrics, textures, and trends in creative and unexpected ways.

“Showing officially in fashion week means a lot to us. On a personal level, it is a validation of the years of hard work. On a professional level, it gives us a degree of international visibility that is really instrumental for the business,” says Andrea Salazar, co-founder of Seta.

In the Colombian market, the textile and clothing industry has been growing, giving rise to new generations of designers with unique and exclusive proposals. However, not everyone has their own platform to exhibit their work and attract all those interested in the development of Colombian fashion. Seta Apparel has achieved a high level of visibility thanks to their unique designs and their vision to incorporate new and vintage designs made from expert hands.

Held in February and September, the semi-annual event is one of four major fashion weeks in the world, collectively known as the “Big Four,” along with the Paris, London and Milan fashion weeks.