Heritage is a living part of our life. The objects, places, stories, songs, and rituals become a framework and reference upon which we build the future. Our grandmother and mother are one of our biggest inspirations in life and it reflects in our designs. Our grandmother was a fashion forward woman for her decade, she was a trendsetter, she traveled a lot in scout for new innovative ways to dress. It was fascinating to observe her take different styles from different cultures and merge them into her own fashion sense, always achieving a unique and different look. Our mother is the most feisty and admirable woman that we know, her legacy is something that we want to transmit to the world, we want everyone to know how the women of our family inspired us to design unique, accesible, and innovative pieces. Our focus has always been able to create special timeless pieces that can transcends generation, those that can be wore in the past, present, and future with a profound sentimental meaning. As an example, we immortalized a suit that my grandmother inherited to us, proving a piece that can conserve its essence, by representing the past and the future; LEE SUIT!